Apr 29, 2013

Google Penguin Update Forthcoming – SEO’s Hold On

by: in SEO

Numerous articles, even Matt Cutts himself, have indicated that a “major” search engine algorithm update, Penguin 4.0, is coming. The impact of which will be the largest yet of the Penguin updates. Google has made some interesting moves recently from shutting down Google Affiliate Network and penalizing Mozilla which would indicate Penguin could be very aggressive and shutting down small publishers who using spammy techniques to help drive traffic.


If you have been performing SEO marketing for any length of time, or you have had an agency performing SEO work, now is a good time to start evaluating the link building work, which has been done. Mostly likely, the biggest impact of the Penguin updates will be in the area of links coming back to your site. In the past it has been the easiest to game and thus many sites, including many reputable sites, most likely have “spammy links” on them. As a SEO or webmaster, take the time to start disavowing spammy links in an effort to improve your link profile.


SEO specialists, developers, research analysts, brand managers and CEO’s need to change their definition of links. A link = link is no longer the case. Modus operandi in the past was to acquire the most links you can the fastest. The result is a lot of bad links, which could be detrimental to your site. The focus of link building now must be on quality links. One link to a website with PR 6 yields much better traffic and results than 100 links from PR 2 websites. Link building is hard work. It is more in line with lead nurturing,  


The upcoming Penguin update will most likely impact everyone. Diligence will need to be had to minimize the impact to search rankings and traffic when it occurs.