Jun 28, 2013

Optimizing Social Channels with Social Search Optimization

by: in SEO

Earlier this week I talked about why social search matters for your brand. Social search allows your brand to reach followers and fan in more ways than just through your brand’s social media channels, thus the reason social search is important for a brand. And that’s great, but how does a brand ensure those social posts are showing up in Bing results (Facebook), YouTube results (videos) and in Google personalized search? By optimizing your social channels.

How do I optimize my social channels?

Use social search optimization. Social search optimization (SSO) is the process of creating a strategy that utilizes content, search intent and social media engagement to ensure users can find what they are looking for from your brand. SSO requires the use of existing social media tactics and modifying the execution to create an overall strategy for creating engaging content, distributing that content, optimizing posts and creating links back to your site. Through SSO, engaging content sparks sharing which increases the number of inbound links to your site, thus increasing the traffic to your site and improving your site’s authority to search engines.

Social search optimization occurs in a variety of ways which impact SERP results and website authority including:

  • Optimization of social media messaging using keywords that are relevant to the content being shared via Tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn updates and Google+ updates.
  • Aligning your social media channel information with your website’s ‘About Us’ content to ensure brand and company messaging
  • Creating engaging content between brand and consumer. Retweets and shares are great, but facilitating a conversation matters. Google is looking at your social relationships too, along with social sharing of blogs, pages, products and other website content.

Social search optimization should be a part of every company’s overall SEO and social media strategies, regardless of the brand and which social networks the brand is using. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram – they all matter in building relationships, sharing engaging content and providing critical information about a brand’s social relationships to search engines.

We are sure about the fact that social media does impact search engine marketing as both Bing and Google have said social signals are factors in their SERP ranking algorithms. Given that, your brand’s social media strategy should include search engine optimization, no matter your social media goal (customer service, reputation management, customer relationships). Building SEO into your social strategy doesn’t diminish your social media goals, but rather it compliments and elevates your brand’s overall digital marketing plan resulting in a lift in ROI across the board.

So get out there…look at your social media strategy with a fresh perspective and help enhance your brand’s presence in the new world of social search. And if you’re having trouble…give us a call, we’re always here to help.