Jul 05, 2013

Bing, Google and the Wonders of Social Search Optimization

by: in SEO

I’ve written several blogs over the last few weeks about social search and social search optimization and why brands should care and how to implement said optimization. While I was watching my favorite late night TV this weekend (read as: my DVR’d Bachelorette), I saw a new commercial for Bing’s integration of Facebook into search results. While this integration was something Bing brought to the forefront of its search algorithm last summer, Bing has been working on social search integration since 2010. I know what you’re thinking, “Since 2010, why then didn’t I hear about it until last year?” Enter, Google’s Search Plus Your World. While both search engines had been working on social search components for some time (Google since 2009, Bing since 2010), Bing’s integration didn’t hit the limelight until Google’s release which prompted Bing to then highlight it’s own social search elements as well (especially as the search engine was getting ready to take on the search giant with a string of advertising media in the “Bing It On Challenge”). As I watched this commercial targeting the everyday consumer in hopes of converting a Google user to a Bing user, I realized that maybe instead of continue to recite over and over again the benefits of social search, I should instead share with you the great insight Bing (and Google) shares with consumers on why their search engines have the better social search integration. After all, isn’t it every brand’s goal to reach as many targeted consumers as possible in hopes of a sell? What if your loyal consumers could become your spokesperson without you having to do anything at all?

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