Jul 08, 2013

Mobile Search and Why PPC Now

by: in PPC

It’s pretty evident that Google is under pressure to serve better mobile search results to consumers.  In fact, last month it was announced that Bing would be the default search engine for Siri with the release of iOS 7, taking Google’s limelight from current and future iPhone users.

With Google continuing to adjust search rankings faster than most SEO professionals can make adjustments, the most recent ranking changes are affect sites not optimized for mobile search. Only 6% of the largest companies have sites that comply with the mobile search requirements.  If you’re in the other 94%, what is the interim strategy to bridge the gap? 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the answer.  Competitive research indicates many large companies are ramping up Pay Per Click (PPC) budgets and new competitors are joining the action.  One issue many groups face is that fact that SEM has changed significantly in the past year, particularly in regard to PPC.

Google suggests that its new AdWords Enhanced Campaigns make it easier than ever to connect with potential visitors searching for your product and service, (so long as you include mobile targeting). We’ve found most changes with “Enhanced Campaign” relate to mobile devices and bid adjustments for mobile.  Other new features include options to add links in ads to Google+ pages, business locations, click-to-call functionality for mobile and much more.

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