Aug 06, 2013

Marketing in 2013: Play Catch-Up!

As a part of the digital marketing team at LEAP, I am constantly immersed in the newest technology and innovation on the digital marketing front. Such is the nature of the industry. A new motion sensor device hits the market here, revamped search parameters released by Google there. It is imperative that we, as a digital agency, keep on top of these changes due to keep up the break neck speed of innovation and development. So rapid is the process of progress that it is sometimes a challenge even for those of us inside the advertising industry to stay well versed and up to date on the current landscape. Recently I’ve spent a great amount of time thinking about a relative question: If my fellow colleagues and myself have to work almost night and day to stay knowledgeable, how then, do our customers feel?

The initial realization of the existence of this conundrum came to me months ago during one of our digital marketing community presentations. I spent a considerable amount of time researching, drafting and editing our presentations, so I am always inclined to share the most innovative and clever combinations of technology and content in marketing today. There are only two problems with these radical innovations:

  1. They are usually conceived and executed by large companies or brands with substantial advertising and marketing budgets
  2. The small and medium business owner has limited funds for elaborate, cutting edge campaigns

But it doesn’t take a $2 million marketing budget to take advantage of innovation. It is simply our goal to share as much of our expertise as possible with the community, which is the purpose of our presentation events. Guy Kawasaki, one of the intelligent gentlemen that helped give birth to the Mac computer system, once said to, “Eat like a bird and poop like an elephant.” (Kawasaki, 1999) In short, this means devour as much relevant information as you can (a hummingbird eats up to 8 times its body weight per day) and disperse and share it with as many people as possible (an elephant produces between 150lbs and 300lbs of dung per day).

Now, we are very good at eating like a bird (gathering expertise) and pooping like an elephant (sharing our insight with the people; this is a democracy after all!), however there is still a serious disconnect between us (industry insiders) and the customer base we are attempting to serve and advise. Case in point: QR Codes. Many a businesses have simply dismissed this little gem. But there is hope. The following example was taken straight out of my mailbox just the other day. It was a letter from the local dealership I had purchased my current vehicle from two years ago. The letter introduced the GM and had an ingenious value proposition and call to action:

  1. The letter invited me to trade in my current vehicle
  2. This would allow me to get a newer vehicle at a lower monthly payment
  3. Attached was a QR code that was linked to a unique web page that listed the vehicles in stock that I was already pre-approved for along with their respective monthly payments!

This is a solid example of a local business using technology and content marketing to inexpensively reach out to customers and entice continued business. From the mind of the consumer this embraces the anywhere, anything, anytime aura of the digital, online world we live in. Needless to say I took the letter with me, scanned the code in the car on my way to work and plan on paying the dealership a visit this weekend!

At LEAP we strive to innovate for you and bridge this gap of insider vs. outsider. We can help you use the cutting edge technology and digital content of tomorrow or next Tuesday and turn it into revenue for your business, no matter if you have 1 or 100 different stores, warehouses or restaurants!