Aug 08, 2013

Learning with LEAP – Basic Blogger SEO

by: in SEO LEAP

LEAP is very excited to announce our very first Learning Series for local bloggers. LEAP is a digital advertising agency based in Louisville and we are opening up our offices to local bloggers on August 24 at 1:00 p.m. to host an SEO learning session. 

The learning session is entitled Basic Blogger SEO. One of LEAP’s SEO specialists, Nathan Engels will discuss varying aspects of SEO from the importance of keywords & images to authorship and structured data.

Nathan will walk attendees through the process of posting a blog post. He will start with a blank slate. And walk bloggers through the entire process of developing a posting an optimized blog post. This will include adding images, links and more, all while explaining why each element is important. Will he link keywords; will he add ALT tags, if so how and why?  How will he pick a keyword for his post, wait, he’s doing that?!  He will write a post all that is built for SEO and for his audience, after all, no one wants to read boring, keyword-loaded SEO posts right? Nathan will also discuss Google authorship, its importance and optimize your site for it on the spot! SEO is becoming increasingly important for bloggers. Optimizing your content so it can be found and then ranked within Google’s index is critical to a blog’s overall success.  We all want readers, and by learning a little bit about search engine optimization, you’ll be surprised and who finds your blog. 

Nathan, in his spare time, blogs about frugality and food.  He loves SEO and has discovered over the 7 years of blogging that it can be very effective in getting traffic.  In fact, his sites receive over 200,000 unique visitors every month and over 2 million page views!  If you are going to create content, you want that content to be found, read and consumed by real people.  That content needs to be optimized so that Google can easily connect the people searching for your content.  The goal of SEO isn’t to grow your social properties; the goal is to help you rank your content/posts better on Google.


Come learn with LEAP: Basic Blogger SEO.

When: August 24, 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Where: LEAP (Formerly LeapFrog Interactive)
2500 Technology Drive, Louisville, KY 40299

Wifi is provided, bring your devices!