Aug 16, 2013

Blogging is Hard

by: in LEAP
I have been in digital marketing, in some capacity, for eight years. I have written countless articles, presentations and even blogs.  I have numerous blog properties – WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Sitefinity (for the LEAP blog) – so I feel (felt) very versed in these platforms.

This was until I decided to move my free WordPress blog over to a registered domain, Then all of the complexities of owning a website, and blogging, have truly come full circle for me.

Wordpress blog domain transfer information

Why is it so hard?

  1. Time – The ideas are easy. I have a list of blog topics miles long. But I have a day job. I have professional requirements. I have personal and family time. None of which are conducive to blogging on a consistent basis. Listening to Mitch Joel on a recent podcast, he writes 800 – 1,000 words a day.  I would love to write that much, but sometimes it is just plain hard to fit that into all of my other requirements.
  2. Formulating the Idea – Although you may have an idea, formulating it into a cohesive thought, which can be easily explained to others, is hard.  It takes effort to wrap the words around your thought so what you want to get across is fully actualized.
  3. Asset Production – It is not enough to write any more for the web. You must create, or source, additional content for your posts. Photos, videos, audio and so forth are hard to source. If you are sourcing content it must be through creative commons or usage and then you must search for the perfect compliment to your post. If you are creating your content, well that is a whole level of complexity from staging, lighting, equipment, talent, design – the list goes on, and on and on… 
  4. Building an Audience – As a marketer, building an audience around a particular product is one of my favorite things to do. But, it is much easier as a brand to do this. Target can go and ‘buy’ their way into our hearts and minds. How does a measly site, like, do that? This is not Iowa. The ability to continue to build your audience is the lifeblood of your blog and it is hard.
  5. Maintaining the Website Infrastructure – As a site owner for the first time in my life, I am learning, and making a ton of mistakes, along the way. And it takes an enormous amount of energy to figure some of these things out. I say this as someone who has been in digital marketing for some time.  So it is incredibly difficult to run and manage the behind the scenes of a website.

Blogging is not for the weak. It takes persistence, consistence and imagination to continually create original content for an audience. I applaud all of those who take on this endeavor.