Sep 17, 2013

10 Most Asked Questions About Blogs

Blogs are a source of intense debate. They are debated over their usefulness, goals, content, where they live, and so forth. In most cases, both sides of the coin are right, making it that much harder to figure out what to do. We will walk through some examples of the controversy in hopes it can help you and your business.

  1. What is a blog? – It is a platform. It is a website where you place content.
  2. What type of content can go on a blog? – All kinds. Text. Audio. Video. Photos. Images. Graphics. Motion Graphics. GIFs. Presentations. So which do you think is blog below?
    Blog Example -  Blog example -

    They both are blogs ( and It is very important we understand a blog does not always mean text.

  3. Where should it live? – All things being equal, a blog should live on your domain and a subfolder. is the optimal place for a blog. It is branded, adds depth and pages to a site and helps increase traffic and backlinks to the domain. The second best would be A third option is where it is completely separate from the domain. Usually seen when the topic of the blog is substantially differentiated from the brand or the brand trying to use the blog as an SEO tool to drive links to the website.
  4. What type of platform should it be on? – The easiest platform. A user should be able to write content and upload different media types to the blog.
  5. Who owns the blog? – Is this a creative function? Marketing? Customer Service? HR? Everyone owns a blog. Any time a company pushes information out to the public, all of those invested in the company have a stake in it. 
  6. What is the goal of a blog? -A blog can be used for several goals. The key is to pick one or two goals you want to achieve, develop content and activity and then measure your results.
  7. Is a blog only for SEO? – No. A blog can be used for so much more than SEO. As much as possible, any content that is produced for the web should be optimized for SEO. A blog would fall into this category.
  8. Can a blog be used for SEO? – Absolutely. Any time you are creating quality, sharable content, a blog can be used for SEO purposes.
  9. What is the right length for a blog? – It depends. A blog can be just an image as long as your audience understands it. If you are using a blog for SEO, 300 words is the minimum you should write.
  10. A blog is easy, correct? – A blog takes hard work. Strategy, goal setting, content writing, asset acquisition, editing, proofing, and site maintenance are critical to a blog and they all take time and resources to execute.

Blogs should be a part of your digital marketing mix. A blog done well can lead to a number of goals achieved.