Oct 10, 2013

The Full SMX New York Experience From A PPC Specialist

by: in PPC

The Full SMX New York Experience From A PPC Specialist

SMX New York was full of likeminded, upbeat and cheerful marketing professionals. I was fortunate to put faces to handles I follow on Twitter and learn from a great speaker on paid search marketing. The speaker was so fresh to Twitter, I was following her ninth Tweet and we were retweeted by BingAds!

I met some great people at the conference, including Akvile Harlow of 3rd Door media, Aaron Levy, Brad Gettes and Karen Bohem.

The YEXT party at 1 Madison Avenue was instantly legendary. Restaurants from across NYC was the topic of post conference conversions on the way home to Louisville, when I met, Amy Gesenhuer of
Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, who recently quoted Christy Belden.

Through SMX I had the opportunity to gain insightful data from other search marketers on new Ad Extensions in Google and Bing and the ability to use your actual business phone number with mobile advertising on Bing. 

I attended many sessions while at SMX including:

  • Google Enhanced Campaigns: What We’ve Learned So Far
  • Moving Beyond Search & Retargeting: What’s Missing From Your Performance Strategy — featuring the case study of at 25M ad campaign across, print, TV and digital with paid search and targeted landing pages
  • Maximizing Sales on Amazon and eBay
  • The Holidays and PLAs
  • Improve Your PPC Results With Images, Offers & Other Ad Extensions

Statue of Liberty - SMX New YorkI also had the opportunity to see, study and do advertising and media in New York City including Times Square, city streets, the subway, terminals and the Staten Island Ferry.Times Square, NY - SMX New York

I was thoroughly impressed with the promos given away at the conference, which far exceeded those at SMX 2008.

One evening I enjoyed A Night With Janis Joplin featuring Southern Comfort on stage. 

Soon enough you’ll see me at the Hero Conference in Austin, SES Chicago and SMX Advanced…

Until then I’ll continue to enhance my paid search knowledge on Google Enhanced Campaigns, Ad Extensions and much more.