Feb 28, 2014

De-Clutter Your Work Life

by: in Mobile
De-Clutter Your Work Life
Three apps to get your ideas organized

We romanticize our mobile phones, and like to pretend that they keep our creative ephemera in one place.  But imagine the true mass of notes, sketches, ideas, reminders, and contacts you collect. Do you remember how to find everything?


But if you forget, what opportunities have you missed?

Below are three apps to help whip you and your digital agency teams into a lean, mean organizational machines, keep your ideas top-of-mind, and your doors wide open.


Either lost or smudged beyond recognition – business cards just don’t get the time and attention they used to.

CardMunch, or “the cookie monster of business cards,” is here to make it all better. When you snap a quick pic of a business car with this app, it instantly transforms it into a contact in your phone. It also makes a quick LinkedIn connection.

The good news: you’ll never lose a client’s contact info again. The bad news: it’s only available for iPhone.


Perfect for notes, napkin sketches, and post-it reminders, Evernote is considered the Cadillac of note organization apps. Available on iPhone and Android, It turns your illegible napkin into well-organized, easy-to-read notes. And if writing or typing isn’t your thing, use the voice recorder (Yeah, it does that too).

Here’s the best part: All those notes you’ve saved? You have access to those from multiple platforms. Just sync them, and you’re set.


Want a life changing experience? Watch your inbox from 3414 messages to zero with Mailbox.

One of the few apps that deserve to be on your iPhone dock, Mailbox is a breath of fresh air. By reading, archiving or snoozing your emails, Mailbox’s philosophy is “do something” with every single email in your inbox.

This allows you to determine what’s important now versus what can be handled later. It’s prioritization at its finest, allowing you to tackle things head-on, and not bury them in your mailbox.

Why does it matter?

The more time you spend digging through the clutter is time lost being productive for your team and, ultimately, your clients. The benefit of de-cluttering that it sets you up for maximum efficiency, especially during stressful times like tight deadlines or quick turnarounds. Besides, your brilliance shouldn’t be more than a button away.  Keep it ready at your fingertips and revel in the rewards.