Apr 03, 2014

The Battle for the Automobile User Interface

For an industry that’s constantly innovating, the automotive industry should have in-car interfaces completely optimized. So, why are they so poorly designed? The systems produced are inexcusable, and the UI/UX problem expands beyond touch-screens and buttons, including confusing and overcomplicated designs that users don’t understand. Manufacturers should see it as a major opportunity to bring simple and engaging experiences to their customers instead of proceeding with what is currently out there. The clarity, simplicity and aesthetics of these systems should be more important to the auto industry, according to Geoff Teehan.

As a designer at a creative digital agency, I agree, and the good news is Apple and Google are joining in and working to integrate their respective systems into new vehicles. Can we expect improvements and a better in-car experience with the efforts of these companies? I hope so.