Jun 29, 2014

Content Creation Needs to Step Back and Let Strategy Come First


A recent article on Search Engine Watch reported that only 13% of marketers believe their content strategy is "very successful" in attaining their overarching goals. Given this news, its worth taking time to understand what a content strategy is and what it should be doing for your business.

Content is a unifier; it connects people to brands and their messages. The power of content is only as strong as an understanding of the audience you seek to connect with.  A content strategy is as much an internal devise to align all parties to the same objectives and goals as it is about streamlining content investments to ensure the messages will Matter More to intended recipients. It’s all about impact.

A great content strategy should be able to answer to all of the following:

1. Provide rationale to business investments in content 

2. Align stakeholders to content plan 

3. Drive clarity in content choices 

4. By defining what content to focus on, in essence defining what content to not focus on

5. Define the creative variables of the content 

6. Tie together online and offline efforts 

7. Map the content ecosystem

8. Provide firm guidance to adhere to

9. Measurement against content choices

10. A plan that holds for short-term and long-term impact

In the coming months we'll share more on our approach to content strategy and how we define the areas mentioned above. So what do you think? Are your investments in content development and distribution clear? Is it clear how they work together and grow your business? Does it inspire content choices that prove impact? If you're not part of that 13% over the coming month we'll provide more of the help you need in getting there.