Jul 28, 2014

A Programmer's Dream

Going native is a web programmer's dream, as we continue to try to code for the many different browsers out there, making exceptions and creating scripts to satisfy each system. With the mobile world booming, there has been one interoperable platform that has been set for all the different devices. Can the existing web that we have come to know follow the way of the mobile web? Can all the big companies out there find out a way to synchronize their different formats to work with all systems? 

Google is trying to do this by creating an api for their email system that can be universal. They are also creating a new image format called webp that uses data by using more 0’s in its binary code. Reducing the data size can help with those pesky cell phone bills that limit your data usage. 

Finding a way to make the whole web interoperable would be nice, but is it worth it to take away the open source platform that built the web today?