Jul 28, 2014

Reward Your Consumers and Keep Them Coming Back

We are constantly looking and searching for apps that can answer our questions, solve our problems and fulfill our needs. While there are countless apps in the app store that can give us a short-term solution, very few of them keep us coming back. Ensuring that your consumers see your product's benefit is a great way to establish strong relationships. An online rewards system is a meaningful method to engage with your audience and increase loyalty by rewarding them with badges, points, stars, checkpoints, cash, or coupons. 

Brands such as American Express, Nike, Playstation and Foursquare are continuously incorporating rewards in the real world by checking in, performing simple tasks, defeating your friends on Call of Duty and keeping you motivated to achieve fitness goals. Learn the insights on how these brands are playing the rewarding game to keep their consumers exercising, traveling, shopping, sharing and winning!

What do you think? Tell us what your favorite rewarding app is.