Jan 16, 2015

Data and Analytics Predictions for 2015

  1. Google Analytics will remain the king of web analytics. You can go ahead and pencil in this prediction for the foreseeable future. I considered making a bold statement that one of the other web analytics providers (Clicky or KissMetrics) would be purchased by a Yahoo or Microsoft and give Google a run for its spot at the top but I don’t drink and I stopped using meth a few months ago. Love it or hate it, and how can you really hate a free service, Google Analytics will continue to rule them all. Bow down to the king.
  2. Google will release the “not provided” keywords from keyword purgatory. Here is my bold prediction for the year, Google will unlock all of the secure connection keyword data thus giving life back to that “organic keywords” tab that has been rendered utterly meaningless by the current data restrictions.
  3. The social media giants will invest significantly in data aggregation and reporting tools. The availability of sophisticated tools and access to more complete user data for the most popular social platforms are long past due. Twitter and Pinterest both made significant strides in this area in 2014, but all of the sites have a ways to go (come on Twitter, real time hashtag tracking is long past due).

    And go ahead and charge for the systems. We are already paying secondary providers; why not take the money yourselves?

  4. There will be a loud public backlash against big data. Social and pseudo-political movements are all of the rage these days. Anyone with a social media account and a memorable hashtag can incite a movement. Given the frustration and vulnerability felt by any victim of data theft, I feel that we are one large scale breach or investigative report into the sheer amount of collected data away from serious public outcry for reform.