Jun 29, 2014

Master Communication for Better Efficiency

Kevin Daum argues that the key to good communication in your office is avoiding what he calls “Quiet Politeness.” The argument is essentially that conflict avoidance leads to resentment around the office, which eventually builds and degrades both productivity and inner office camaraderie. I agree with Kevin to a point, but I only support half of his argument. As a Project Manager, you can never be quiet or idle when things are going wrong, but you must be unfailingly polite.

A good project manager is always unbiased, and can deflate any situation because he or she has the trust and respect of all parties involved. Even when colleagues are engaged in some not so quiet, even not so polite, conversation, the PM must remain neutral and diffuse the situation by sticking only to the facts. Even when being firm on a deadline or having a difficult conversation, project management can’t afford to be impolite. This could potentially damage the relationship with a key production resource. If you lose enough trust, you might also lose your job.