Nov 11, 2014

LEAP Helps Texas Roadhouse Reach Over 57 Million Impressions During Twitter Celebration

by: LEAP in Work

On November 10 Texas Roadhouse, with the help of full-service digital marketing agency LEAP, held a one-hour Twitter celebration to help get the word out about their Free Lunch for Veterans Promotion that would be held the next day. The event was successful in bringing awareness to the event with over 57 million impressions on the hashtag #TexasRHforVets, an increase in visitors to Texas Roadhouse on Veteran’s Day compared to years past, and also ended up being a touching tribute to America’s veterans.

LEAP reached out to key military influencers on Twitter to help host the celebration. These influencers help lead the #TexasRHforVets hashtag to trend nationally, peaking at number two. There were 10,665 tweets sent during the celebration. The Texas Roadhouse brand was visible throughout the hour, with the 14 most retweeted posts coming from the Texas Roadhouse Twitter account. Six news outlets tweeted about the celebration accounting for almost 300,000 impressions.

The Twitter celebration, though, wasn’t only a success online. Texas Roadhouse had 11% more customers than on Veteran’s Day in 2013. They also reported a 98% increase in customers than on a typical Tuesday. The awareness raised by the Twitter celebration led to a marked increase in sales for Texas Roadhouse and the company was able to celebrate more of America’s veterans.

While bringing awareness to the Veteran’s Day promotion was the goal, Texas Roadhouse and LEAP didn’t want that to be the only focus of the celebration. By encouraging participants to share stories about veterans in their lives, the feed was filled with tributes to those who have served for the United States. Over 80 photos of active and former military were shared during the celebration, reaching 7.5 million users.

On average, Twitter parties like this generate three to eight million impressions, with anything over 20 million impressions being considered a massive success. Texas Roadhouse and LEAP almost tripled this number and brought more customers into Texas Roadhouse restaurants around the country on Veteran’s Day, showing how a brand can benefit greatly when they engage on Twitter in the right way.