Jan 15, 2015

Laura's Lean Beef and Red Gold See Big Success with Lasagna Twitter Party

by: LEAP in Work

On January 13th, Laura’s Lean Beef, Red Gold and LEAP partnered to host an hour long Twitter party to promote the Red Gold and Laura’s Lean Beef Lasagna Promotion. With LEAP’s help, the Twitter party achieved great success, and it reached quite a large audience, about 6 million to be specific. 

Red Gold and Laura’s Lean Beef determined that the Twitter party would be a success if the following criteria were met: increase brand awareness for both Red Gold and Laura’s Lean Beef, additional entries to the Red Gold Facebook contest, and increase Twitter followers for Laura’s Lean Beef and Red Gold. With this in mind, LEAP developed a strategy that included party hosts and influencers, to create additional engagement with the current and growing Red Gold and Laura’s Lean Beef Audience.
During the hour-long party, more than 600 users created 11,234 tweets using the Laura’s Lean Beef hashtag. The party generated over 60 million impressions, and it trended to number four in the United States. Laura’s Lean Beef owned the hour of the party, holding one or more top 10 trends for 45 consecutive minutes.

Additionally, the Twitter party achieved the goals that Laura’s Lean Beef and Red Gold had set out at the beginning of planning. Following the onset of the Twitter party promotion, there was a growth of 309 Twitter followers, a 6% increase, for Laura’s Lean Beef. The majority of the party posts were retweets, which originated from Laura’s Lean Beef, a party host, and Red Gold. LEAP, Laura’s Lean Beef, and Red Gold achieved major success by showing how a brand can take advantage of engagement through Twitter.