Mar 31, 2015

LEAP Produces Mobile App for Custom Building Products

by: LEAP in Work

LEAP was contracted to develop a mobile app for the client, who has traditionally focused more on larger-scale commercial projects (think skyscrapers, office buildings, condo/apartment complexes, baseball stadiums, etc) rather than individual home projects.  However, they are starting to have more of a presence in home improvement stores like Home Depot, and therefore their products are now available to more of the DIY crowd. 

The mobile app needed to provide information about each of the company’s specific lines of products (kinds of grout, underlayment materials, etc.) and help the customer choose which one is best for their needs. It also needed to have a link to download or email the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each grout/thinset etc. Another major component is the coverage calculator – a user can enter the dimensions of the room and select what size tile they want to use – and the app will calculate how many square feet of tile and how much grout the user needs for their project. 

Another feature is the grout color selector – LEAP designed a screen that has the different colors of grout represented, so that a user can hold up their phone to a piece of tile and select which color grout will look best. 

LEAP did all development for the app, working with the client’s other agency for all of the information data for all of the company’s products. Basically, our developer wrote the logic for the app. When a user asks the app for something, it “calls” the data that the other agency puts together, and goes through the logic to display the answer.