May 11, 2015

LEAP Successfully Built Yet Another Website – From Scratch

by: LEAP in Work

LEAP launched on May 7, 2015. Similar to Groupon, AddsUP offers local deals, but takes it a step further (and better) by sharing revenue with member-designated charities.  

Creating A Positive Chain Reaction

So how does it work? When you buy a low-cost annual membership, it starts a chain reaction. A portion of that cost goes back to support the community, you unlock exclusive deals, and when you redeem these deals, it helps small businesses grow.

Money can be added on top of the membership cost and given to local charities, fundraisers, or schools at your discretion. It’s giving and taking in perfect harmony. You save at your favorite local shops, restaurants and services. You give to a great cause. In the end, it all adds up.

Big Bonuses 

An even more exciting part of AddsUP – We offer deals that last. Each is valid for an entire year! And for all you “green” fans out there – No coupon books required. Just pull up your mobile card to redeem your deals.

Reaping the Business Benefits has also tailored its program to benefit local businesses. When you become a partner, you get free exposure for your business. And because they’re a membership-based service, you can expect to see both new and repeat customers all year long. Just create your deals to suit your business needs.

The Heart of the Matter

Community causes are the heart of AddsUP. Whether you’re a charity, fundraiser, or other nonprofit organization, we want to partner with you to help build a stronger community by supporting your cause. Becoming a participating cause gives you a free medium to market your message. So when a member signs up or renews and designates you as their cause of choice, you earn money.

LEAP Blueprints

  • Built the portal and entire site from scratch
  • Created the brand standards including the logo, fonts and UX design
  • Developed the front-end users side and back-end side
  • Designed customizable dashboards for member companies
  • Configuration support
  • Web hosting
  • On-going website maintenance