May 21, 2015

First Charter Launches Mobile Dedicated Website

by: LEAP in Work

First Charter is launching a mobile dedicated website to assist users that want to get information quickly. A main feature of the website is the ability to scroll, which users could not do before. LEAP and First Charter worked together to find out what type of content and functionality users wanted in a mobile website.

After the evaluation process, LEAP pulled half of the functionality from the First Charter desktop website to the new mobile website. There are distinct differences in the mobile and desktop website. As an example, on mobile all call of actions are on the top of mobile website, compared to on the bottom of the desktop site. Another feature of the mobile website is a static image at the top to avoid distractions.

Locations are a major aspect of the First Charter mobile website. Users can contact the company directly within the map, they can learn more about rentals and get a quote directly on the mobile website.

The mobile dedicated website helps First Charter keep up with the Google Algorithm update and target various demographics.  The new mobile site provides a user-friendly experience without all of the clutter.