Jun 30, 2015

LEAP Launches Worldwide Clinical Trials Healthy Studies Website

by: LEAP in Work

LEAP has been working with Worldwide Clinical Trials to focus marketing on their main demographics, which include medical device companies looking for trials and people that want to participate in those trials. At first, both groups were being targeted on one website. However, LEAP and Worldwide Clinical Trials decided that it would be better to direct the groups to different websites. The Worldwide Clinical Trials Healthy Studies Website is a micro-site built from scratch that is approachable for those interested in participating in a health clinical trial. 

Within the participant demographic there are two main groups, which include college students/young professionals and retirees. More specifically, research found that the younger group was visiting websites on their mobile phones and the older demographic was still searching from a desktop. To keep up with the digital habits of the younger group, the Healthy Studies site is mobile responsive, with the ability to open forms within the apps. An additional feature of the mobile site is the capability to click and call.

LEAP completely built the site, wrote all of the copy, wrote the meta and title to increase SEO and designed the custom iconography. The client has the role of updating the studies, which can change on a monthly basis and are held at their health campus in Texas. Currently, LEAP is still in the progress of working on the other Worldwide Clinical Trials website that will market toward the medical device companies.