Jul 03, 2015

A Well-Done Celebration | Laura's Lean Beef Twitter Party

by: LEAP in Work

Lauras Lean Beef twitter party LEAP
Laura’s Lean Beef turned the big 3-0! So obviously, we celebrated. On Tuesday, June 30th from 3-4 p.m. EST, Laura’s Lean Beef and LEAP joined forces with the help of party hosts, to hold a one-hour Twitter celebration in honor of Laura’s Lean Beef 30th anniversary. The event had two main purposes: To create brand awareness and brand loyalty with the #LaurasLeanBeef hashtag, and to drive additional entries to the Facebook summer STEAKation contest.
Lauras lean beef twitter party invite
LEAP’s strategy was to incite additional engagement with the current and growing fans of Laura’s Lean Beef. The hosts sent out the invitations to their followers, and the Twitter party officially began!

Beefed-Up Numbers

These type of Twitter parties are a great way for companies to find like-minded people and increase their followers, while encouraging conversation about the product with a predetermined hashtag. Once the lovers of Laura’s Lean Beef rallied together, the celebration took off and became a huge success!

  • Generated more than 75 million impressions.
  • Reached 2.5 million unique users.
  • Average growth of 5.4 million impressions every five minutes.
  • Saw 14% increase in impressions from the previous Laura’s Lean Beef Twitter party.
  • Added 260 new Twitter followers.
  • More than 300 users participated, posting over 5,000 tweets.
  • 20% of these tweets containing media and 14% containing links.
  • Laura’s Lean Beef being mentioned or retweeted 1,800 times.
  • 4,437 Facebook users registered for the STEAKation contest.
  • Second highest number of registrations during the entire campaign, trailing only behind the day the promotional email was delivered.
lauras lean beef twitter party tweet

Vendor Shout Outs  

Not only was Laura’s Lean Beef recognized, but additional brands such as Kroger, Target and Amazon, also gained positive recognition during the Twitter party for being mentioned as beloved vendors of Laura’s Lean Beef – proving beef always pairs well with hashtags. 
Laura's Lean beef jerky twitter party