Jul 13, 2015

MakerWear Blurs the Lines Between Fashion Consumers and Producers

by: LEAP in Work

If the art, music, film, or fashion you want doesn’t exist – go out and make it! That’s where MakerWear, with the help of LEAP, comes in. MakerWear believes that creativity is what makes us human. It shapes our culture and defines us as individuals. The ability to mix together different aspects of pop culture into unique works of art is a cornerstone of modern creativity. It is through this cultural remix that individual personas are crafted and fashion trends are born.

Be A Maker – Compete for Your Style    

MakerWear has hacked the concept of crowdsourcing by creating design competitions that anyone can enter through the MakerWear website. The best designs are picked and transformed into t-shirts, hats and other items, and sold at Target stores and other retailers across the country. The winning designers not only get the prestige of nationwide distribution, they also get a cut of the sales. That’s fashion powered by the people.

The Making of MakerWear   

  • LEAP started developing the original website on October 2014
  • The new MakerWear.com went live July 10, 2015
  • The project started with wireframes, followed by the creation of the portal
  • The new V2 upgrade allows Makers to easily submit their own content
  • Revamped front-end with layouts and new promotional content
  • User and admin portal created to register contests
  • New version has the ability to send the designs back and forth to third party, Target

LEAP will continue to enhance the capabilities of the MakerWear website, so hidden talent can continue to be discovered and every artist has a chance to make their mark on the world.