Jul 30, 2015

LEAPframe Makes Complicated Investment Plans Easy to Understand

by: LEAP in Work
FTJ FundChoice has embraced a new structure for investors. In a world where the economy is ever-changing, they believe it’s better to prepare clients for the long-term movement of the market.  Some strategies are more successful when the market is up, others yield a better percentage during down turns, and tactical strategies preform best in sideways markets. FTJ help clients incorporate all three strategies, and prepares them for different market environments based on their risk tolerance.

FTJ investment strategies are complicated, but they’re also powerful. They needed a way to explain to customers know just how powerful they could be, but without boring them. That’s where LEAPframe came in. 

LEAPframe created a fun, clever animation, which not only engaged audiences but also helped them understand how FTJ’s highly technical investment approach could yield serious personal benefits.

The animation features a bright, eye-catching color palette, which gives the technical animation personality. It also features interactive charts, in which numerical values can be adjusted mid-animation using sliders. As users move sliders to the right or left, the corresponding percentages go up or down accordingly. And the smooth transitions from one scene to the next make the information in the charts easy to comprehend.  

The highly technical and financial information required a lot of in-depth financial research. Because of the unique interactive features, this animation also has a lot of complex coding. But LEAPframe was up to the challenge. They worked diligently behind the scenes to bring a highly informative, but also entertaining piece to life. And we are proud to announce that the final product is a success! 

Invest a couple of minutes of your time and check out the video for yourself. It’s worth it.

See the video here: