Oct 28, 2015

LEAPframe Gets Crafty

by: LEAP in Work

What do you get when you have 3 sisters, super cool art, and a cute dog? The perfect recipe for a really good reel! LEAPframe partnered with Grainwell (a boutique craft shop in Northern, KY) to tell the story of their local home décor made from reclaimed barn wood.

Former LEAPframe editor, Anthony Schneider, is a childhood friend of the three crafty sisters who run the shop. So along with LEAPframe director Brandon Faris, who has a passion for celebrating small businesses and local brands, LEAPframe created the brand piece reel while covering the cost of VO talent, script writing, and colorization.

The beautiful brand documentary that resulted has helped Grainwell gain recognition and buyers in Cincinnati and beyond. Check out the reel below! 

Grainwell | Brand Trailer from LEAPframe on Vimeo.