Nov 02, 2015

LEAPframe creates motion graphics that'll make you say WOW!

by: LEAP in Work

Cintas knew they needed an animation that would match the excitement of their latest invention, and trusted LEAPframe could accomplish this. The end result? LEAPframe pushed their creativity beyond previous motion graphics capabilities and created an original video that’ll leave you wowed.

Cintas, a corporate apparel manufacturer was ready to spread the word about their new invention, the WOW shirt. It's the world’s first true wrinkle-free uniform rental work shirt made out of heat activated wrinkle resistant fabric that allows professionals to work hard, yet still maintain a comfortable and professional appearance.

The Cintas WOW animation allowed LEAPframe to dive into character animation where multiple characters interact with one another. The team brought in an illustrator to work with them to develop the characters. They then were able to generate relatable animated figures that brought to life the message that Cintas WOW wanted to spread. LEAPframe used their talents to form basic shapes into complex environments where the characters interact. The fast paced, always changing surroundings of the environments keep the animation engaging for those watching.

To tie together the final piece, voice over talent was casted to provide the perfect narration for the script – a friendly personality that is excited about the WOW shirt.

Overall, the video has been a great success in LEAPframe’s motion graphics adventure, as well as going above and beyond Cintas’ initial needs. Both LEAPframe and Cintas WOW are proud to have this animation represent their work.

Ready to be wowed by motion graphics? Watch the video here.

Cintas Wow Explainer from LEAPframe on Vimeo.