Thanks again for including LEAP in your search for an integrated marketing partner.

At LEAP we break down the traditional and digital boundaries to create integrated experiences. We develop holistic platforms, campaigns and programs that help brands become a lovable part of their audience’s everyday lives.

We live in an always-on world, where perpetual connection has revolutionized daily life. Your customer never consumes your message in a single-medium vacuum. They consume your message on their terms – when, how and through which medium or device they choose.

Never before has it been so critical to think about your customer’s complete brand and buying experience as a single landscape – a never-ending narrative that offers an everywhere, anytime experience of their promise and message, be it during phases of attraction, engagement or transaction.

While a smart idea is a smart idea, for it to be effective it must be implemented across a broad range of ever-changing media. For this reason, if you partner with an agency that’s digital first, but also has solid traditional experience, you’ve got a force to be reckoned with. That’s how we’ve built LEAP: a creative group of people positioned to help brands solve problems and grow in today’s world.

We welcome the opportunity to participate in your partner selection efforts and look forward to furthering the discussion.


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Director of New Business
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Lynette Cameron
Director of New Business
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CEO / President
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