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It’s what you do with that data to help shape the story you’re trying to tell. A story that will ultimately garner the most valuable engagement with your brand and deliver the best results.

Truly engaging content that connects with consumers comes from being able to deliver exactly what they want, when they want it and where they want it, no matter where they are. And there’s no way to deliver that without having great research and analytics. When research and data are used to drive our work then you’ll be able to sit back and watch all your competitors scramble.

Analytics It starts in the planning phase and continues throughout our process. Research (user surveys, user testing, etc.) gives feedback that we can implement and can track throughout the life of a project and beyond.

Our approach allows us to capture all the data, gather it, draw actionable insights and figure out how to implement. It’s a collaborative process that involves the technology and marketing teams, with everyone embracing the idea of being nimble and responsive, to deliver the strongest end product. At LEAP, analytics is a team sport.

Research If you don’t know your user, you’re creating everything in a vacuum. Our team is trained to pick up industry trends and competitive sets that not only help you get to know the customer but yourself (the brand) as well.

We open up insights into the audience or adjust the audience according to solid data so that we can deliver a more customized, targeted experience and define realistic goals in terms of where your brand should go.

Research is all about mining for insights. It’s the process of gathering relevant data and picking out those little nuggets that give you the ability to take action and then using that to lead the thinking that moves our brands forward.

  • Focus group and surveys
  • User testing and usability analysis
  • Business intelligence consulting
  • Consumer research, insights and target market analysis
  • Website / mobile / social / campaign analytics
  • Actionable KPI reporting
  • Dashboard and reporting tool development
  • Metrics definition - measurement, analysis and optimization