Our approach to Search is based on a three-pronged attack focused on making sure your brand is not only found, but also found often. By combining Traditional Search Tactics, Content Marketing and Social Media we’re able to ensure that all of the content on your channels is not only more searchable, but also works together in a unified approach that provides consumers with a more engaging brand experience that adds value to their lives.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Our SEO specialists are trained to anticipate, react and deliver. Clients' needs change. Trends switch faster than the wind. Search algorithms adjust. Creative shifts directions. New mediums pop up out of nowhere.

Keeping your brand at the top of search results is no easy task, but working closely with User Experience (UX), Technology, Creative and Analytics in a holistic team approach allows us to drive maximum organic search engine visibility for your brand.

Mobile Search There might not be a more important time or place to be found today than in a mobile search. With the ability to be anywhere at any time, consumers expect that your brand is too.

Whether you have a cool HTML site, a mobile site or a site with responsive design, we'll be able to put together a strategy to help optimize your mobile content in a way that ensures your brand shows up at the top of rankings when people need to find you the most: when they're on the go.

Local Search It doesn’t matter if you’re a “mom & pop” shop or a fortune 500 company, if people can’t find you when they might be standing right next to you, then you might have missed an opportunity to complete a sale. Our LEAPsearch team understands that local search can bring some of the highest conversion rates and allow for true connections to be made between online and in-store purchases. Having the expertise and capabilities to make sure your brand is found across all platforms, we’re able to ensure your company rises to the top of any location-based search.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) We approach PPC from a very strategic perspective, making it a part of our process from the beginning and pairing with other search tactics to further drive results. We do our homework, understand the brand, competition and the audience, allowing us to make calculated and educated decisions from the beginning of the process. This holistic approach to integrating PPC into our client’s marketing strategy ultimately increases flexibility and reach.

Our team of PPC experts bring to the table a wide range of knowledge that allows us to manage everything from account set-up, keyword research and expansion, ad copy creation, landing page recommendations, bid management and ongoing testing of keywords, creative and landing pages.



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