HCPH Digital Out of Home

Creating something cool just to do something cool is easy. Creating something really cool that delivers a brand message, actually several brand messages, is a completely different task all together.

The Hamilton County Public Health Group, like most non-profit organizations has a big mission, and in order to complete this mission they needed to get their message(s) out there for people to see.

This project used a combination of unique creative and distinctive development techniques to produce an entertaining and informative interactive experience.

One of the giant interactive screens delivered strong, simple messages like Healthy food in schools, Safe Places to Play, Increased Physical Activity and Community Gardens. As people walked by or interacted with the display it would trigger certain actions and animations to help build a full, thriving scene. It showed that change couldn’t happen without movement.

The other screen was an interactive quiz that used movement to decide the answers, while informing people about the challenges people face in Hamilton County every day.

On average, weekly interactions ranged between 8,000 and 10,000.  Of those, 90-120 users a week took time out of their day to complete the 3-5 minute quiz. The majority of quiz interactions coincided with bus times. Most likely linked to those taking the quiz while waiting on the bus, but most of those people also happened to fall with in the target audience and proved that the placement of the display was just as key as the messages it was delivering.

The Making of a Movement - Overview

Digital Out of Home Behind the Scenes

Interactive Screens