Logic + Magic AR 2018
A Few Logical Steps that Lead to Pure Magic
 Step 1: Download App

Step 1: download app

To download the Logic+Magic app, use your smartphone or tablet to either:

  • Scan the QR code located at the bottom of this page
  • Download the Logic+Magic AR app from the app store
  • Go to the URL listed below and follow the directions
Download on the App Store
 Step 2: Open App + Aim

Step 2: Open App + Aim

Close this magazine and lay it on a flat surface. Next, open the Logic+Magic app and hold your smartphone or tablet over the cover.

Tip: You can hold it an any angle that allows you to see the entire cover, plus some of the surrounding surface, on the screen of your device.

Don't have the magazine cover?
Simply download and print the PDF below. You can also sign up to be mailed your complimentary printed subscription.

Download the Magazine Cover
Step 3: Watch the Magic

step 3: watch the magic

The app will take over from here. Follow the directions and enjoy the show!