LEAP repackages a global leader in packaging.

Ampac was an extremely innovative company. They just didn’t look like it. Known for coming up with inventive packaging solutions for clients in the retail, food, and security industries, Ampac lived up to its ideal of Transforming the Ordinary and Shaping the Future. The Ampac brand, however, did not. It was dull, dated and didn’t reflect the user centered-approach to design so apparent in Ampac’s products.

Hormel Real Crumbled Bacon Ampac wanted more than a new look. They wanted a complete brand experience that was as clever, sophisticated and as beautifully functional as the products they create. To do that, Ampac needed a like-minded partner. Choosing LEAP was a no brainer.

  • Brand Positioning + Strategy
  • Corporate Identity Creation
  • Print Design
  • Tradeshow Design
  • Digital Film Production
  • Website Design + Development
  • Ecommerce Design + Development
  • CMS Implementation
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Mobile Campaign Creation
  • Lead Generation

Ampac is a progressive, forward thinking
company. Their new logo looks the part.

Ampac Logo
Ampac Identity Guidelines

Ampac couldn’t just say they were innovative. They had to demonstrate it. That was clear from our research. Claims of innovation didn’t impress consumers, especially from unimpressive brands. Ampac had to step it up. LEAP created a full brand identity that captured Ampac’s clever, kinetic spirit through bright, energetic photos and colorful type set in open, clean layouts. The overall look reflected the ingenious simplicity of a product well-designed.

Ampac’s brand couldn’t just look good. It had to work, too. LEAP put together a comprehensive brand identity that revealed the authentic Ampac in a way that was attractive to potential clients and helped foster lead generation.

Lead generation
LEAP created a foundation of consumer engagement on which to build brand recognition, which in turn became the foundation for generating leads.

LEAP performed a full-spectrum
brand makeover for Ampac.

Identity Package Brand Identity
LEAP designed logos for Ampac IDEA (R&D division)
and Ampac Academy (employee and customer training).
Ampac IDEA and Ampac Academy

Motion Graphic Video

This fun, engaging video sticks to LEAP’s strategy of demonstrating innovation instead of just claiming it.

Flexible Bottle & Package Design

Final Bottle Design
Final Package Design
Bottle and Package design

Tradeshow Booth Design & On-site Digital entry form

Ampac at the tradeshow
Tradeshow Views

Designing The Experience

Ampac Website Design

Ampac’s new website featured the same balance of function and beauty that characterized its products. The site combined all the brand elements into a seamless, user-friendly platform that embodied Ampac’s progressive, forward-thinking ethos.

To live up to the Ampac Brand, the website’s experience had to epitomize smart, user-centered design. Therefore the site was divided into three different sections, one for each of Ampac’s three product lines — Flexibles, Retail, and Security. Each section was designed to engage that product line’s potential clients, and encourage them to explore Ampac products.

Ampac Website Screenshots

Ampac products sell themselves. We just had to let their clients buy them. A LEAP-designed ecommerce platform integrated into Ampac’s internal ordering system allowed corporate clients to review past orders, and place them again without having to contact their Ampac rep.

Ampac Website Layouts

A Global Presence

Global Presence
Three Languages
One Brand

The Ampac site would feature three language options. LEAP's creative and technology teams made sure nothing was lost in translation.

Ampac Packs