Logic + Magic

It's very simple really.

Logic is research, insight, truth finding, analysis, big-data, and number crunching. It’s analytics, measurement, planning, and forecasting. It’s what gives us, and our clients, the confidence to get outside the box and break into new opportunities and markets.

Magic is the ability to see what isn’t there and to think of what’s to come. Not just meeting the consumer where they are, but where they want to be. It’s about the tool that’s so intuitive the user never thinks twice about it. It’s about the campaign that captures the imagination, pulls on the heartstrings, and moves the consumer to action. It’s simultaneously powerful without being loud. It’s attention grabbing without interrupting. It’s that unexplainable reason something “goes viral”, the tune that won’t leave your head, the line that becomes iconic, the visual that sears into your consciousness. That’s magic.

At a minimum, in digital you have to combine both logic and magic to be effective. What’s the point of the most creative piece of content in the world if the Google algorithm can’t locate it? Digital space forces us to think about data, formulas, algorithms, etc. in conjunction with engagement and consumer interest. And those agencies that combine these two disparate disciplines the best… produce the best product.

It is self-evident that executions in the digital space that are simultaneously the MOST logical and MOST magical… are MOST successful. They are the executions that perform the best, they are easiest to find, fastest to load, most intuitive to use… and equally most interesting, most sharable, most engaging. It’s that combination of logic and magic that makes digital possible… it’s the mastery of the two that makes it powerful.