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Admiral Nelson’s Premium Spiced Rum became the “rum for the average joe.” But it has a twist: In addition to its traditional spiced rum, it also offers pineapple, cherry and coconut flavors.

party admirals

We included things in our post we knew consumers couldn’t resist: dogs. We morphed the concept of Party Animals to “Party Admiral’s.” But, of course, still showing off dogs.



Understanding Admiral Nelson’s consumers led us to understanding they’re wanting easy foods, appetizers and sharable recipes to enjoy alongside an Admiral Nelson’s concoction. We created short videos showing easy-to-make and easy-to-share recipes where we knew their consumers would see it, and always right before a tailgate.

rum & joke

Admiral Nelson’s followers were loyal, drinking the spiced rum into well into their dad-years. So we invited two comedians to tell dad jokes over a glass of Admiral Nelson’s spiced rum. And it did not disappoint.


We partnered with Barstool Sports to sponsor a few episodes of their bi-weekly 20-Dollar-Chef episodes, wherein Shaun Latham, a comedian, makes $20 recipes fueled by Admiral Nelson.

A man demonstrating how to make appetizers and cocktails

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