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If you’ve attended a sporting event, it’s likely you’ve used a Dant Clayton product to enjoy the experience. You just didn’t know it.

Dant Clayton’s name was getting lost amongst Google sports searches and lost on sports complex architect’s and builder’s ears, though their arena seating product was superior.

major league baseball

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Specialty Venues

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"no matter where you’re viewing the event, it’s always the best seat in the house."
– dant clayton


Dant Clayton’s logo goes way back. And because it’s on every seat they’ve put in, LEAP Agency had very little flexibility in rebranding their logo in order to maintain their heritage.



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New Website

The new site not only needed to be searchable, but also speak to:

  1. architects

  2. stadium owners

  3. contractors

  4. Bleacher Buyers

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A home run

We made the website an experiential portfolio. Dant Clayton’s team could sell to any party on by using just the one website.

Through their portfolio page, architects, owners and buyers could view, not only completed stadiums, but the tools, security and products used to make that stadium comfortable.

Market Less

For buyers to experience what it’s like to sit on a Dant Clayton seat at a sporting event, LEAP curated two experiential ads.

we also helped them take digital out of home and into trade shows

mattering more

The results are in the new business pieces. shortly after publishing the site and the SEO strategy, dant clayton outfitted the yankee stadium – home to the new york yankees – and the oracle park – home to the san francisco giants



Buyers found
dant clayton organically



buyers found
site by direct searches




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