we activated the community

During her time as First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama launched the “Let’s Move!” campaign to fight childhood obesity throughout the United States.

LEAP Agency won the grant to launch the Let’s Move! Initiative to Cincinnati and the greater southwest Ohio area. The initiative promoted healthier foods in schools, built community gardens and provided safe parks for children to play in Hamilton County, Ohio.


We had a vast audience, so we needed a multi-channel media plan to ensure everyone in Cincinnati and greater southwest Ohio region heard about the Let’s Move! campaign.

TV Print Radio, Web Mobile Social Media GIS Mapping, DOOH Traditional Outdoor PR

we activated the community

To let the community know safer and healthier options were more available to them, we utilized local morning show radio personality as influencers.

going big

In case radio ads weren’t enough, we also put billboards on major highways. But instead of simple awareness, the billboards also included helpful tips and information regarding health and wellness.


print designed for stealing

And for those not as portable, we engaged community leaders in the Hamilton County area to go door-to-door, handing out posters and flyers regarding safe, available parks for children and new grocery store options and community gardens.


We reached both older and younger audiences through two 60-second TV spots showing the story of a young boy’s life – one including healthy choices and one including a sedimentary lifestyle.

and we engaged the community

We didn’t want to community to simply know of the new, healthy opportunities. Like the former First Lady’s campaign name, we wanted them to move.

Not one, but two interactive storefronts make residents of Cincinnati stop in their tracks. The displays began animating when someone walked past, then pulled residents in with a message that came to life with more movement.


The second DOOH storefront was synced with city transit schedules. They were able to interact with the Let’s Move! campaign to see if their destination was around a community garden or healthy grocery.


gis mapping

We employed GIS interactive mapping to unearth all the healthy choices around the Lincoln Heights area. Along with a mobile app counterpart, residents were able to locate a safe playground, a healthy grocery or a community garden.

And for years past this campaign, LEAP Agency implanted a custom CMS so the city could continue to control content.

hub of entertainment

In order to hit the greatest number of people in Cincinnati, we brought the Let’s Move! initiative online with watchusthrive.org. This website was compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet.



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