we started with a bottle.
we ended with a brand.

Lunazul came to LEAP Agency with a bottle of tequila. It was a damn good tequila, but the brand lacked soul. Previous marketing efforts focused on functional attributes (it’s a smooth-drinking tequila), so LEAP Agency was asked to give the brand some emotional bite.


research reveals a 'Hunger for life'

The journey began with focus groups across the United States to understand Lunazul Tequila’s drinkers.


They are more adventurous than average. They have a combination of wanderlust and comradery, and are drawn to the path less taken.
In short, they have a hunger for life.


This audience research set the tone for our strategy.

defining the brand: feed the wolf

Inspired by the wolf embossed on every bottle of Lunazul Tequila, we created a provocative brand mantra: Feed the Wolf.


The wolf is a metaphor for your own hunger for life and sense of adventure. Lunazul is the brand of tequila that encourages to you gather your pack, hunt for new experiences and devour every moment.

the wolf has language all its own


LEAP Agency created iconic symbols inspired by the wolf and the brand’s Mexican heritage. We added these unique markings to our brand tool kit, so all our photos and graphics are unmistakably Lunazul.

new website makes the brand howl

We revamped the website to coincide with the brand relaunch, incorporating new positioning, graphics and tone. It’s now a single stop for information and reflects the brand’s new vitality.

lunazul-tequila-website-on-a-desktop-and-phone screen-shot-2019-09-26-at-3-40-46-pm

ready to prowl

With a clear audience mindset and campaign idea, we were finally ready to release the brand into the wild, including:

  • Brand videos
  • Brand photography
  • New website
  • Social media
  • Print and point-of-sale

mattering more

the brand launched on social media, with engagement rates that devoured the industry average.



over industry benchmark on instagram



over industry benchmark on facebook


most important, lunazul sales have significantly increased, and the agave estate in mexico is taking extra measures just to keep up with the demand.